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Unveiling the True Magic in Your Garden Space

Tomoco Gardening Services are not your typical landscaping business. We’re here to provide your outdoor area in Shenfield with a little charm and creativity. To give you the outdoor space that you have always desired to entertain your friends and family and to utilize as your perfect relaxation space.

Where Imagination Meets Nature

Close your eyes and visualise in your mind your garden as a bare canvas that is waiting to be filled with life. Here at Tomoco Gardening Services, we combine creative design ideas with the wonderful beauty of the natural world. Our team is passionate about using garden landscapes to tell tales, and we are inspired by the distinct charm of the Shenfield area. Together we’ll look create a work of art out of your outdoor area.

A Customised Outdoor Space for You

Your garden in many respects should be a representation of your personality. Because of this, we work closely with our clients to understand their ideas and requirements and then take those ideas and design a bespoke space that can then be made into reality. We take into consideration all of the small details so as to ensure that we design a space that appeals to them and what they need the space for, whether that’s considering the details of an area for entertaining, the colour scheme of the plant life, or the considerations that need to be made when contemplating implementing a water feature.

Creativity with Hard Landscaping Materials

In addition to plants and flowers, hard landscaping materials, in our opinion, need to be given consideration when constructing any new landscape. At Tomoco Gardening Services we are more than capable of creating some lovely stone features, rockeries, decks, and fencing that will match perfectly with any surrounding environment. With our guidance we can help you make the right selection of stones, rocks and wood, your outdoor environment can quite easily be transformed into your very own outdoor piece of art.

Ponds and Water Features

With our help we can unlock the power of serenity in your garden. By installing ponds and water features it will transform your garden into a peaceful oasis of your very own. Our team can sculpt tranquil waterfalls, babbling brooks, and shimmering ponds that invite you to relax and find solace

amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Prepare to be captivated by the soothing sound and gentle ripples of water.

Artificial Turf Solutions in Shenfield

We understand that many people simply don’t like the idea of maintaining a natural lawn as it can be a somewhat time-consuming job. That’s why we offer high-quality artificial turf solutions that require minimal upkeep. If this is you, then why not consider experiencing the vibrant green without the hassle of watering, mowing, or seasonal maintenance. Our artificial turf, when installed, blends perfectly with the natural landscape, giving you a lush, sustainable, and visually stunning outdoor space.

The Outdoor Spot for Social Events

Perhaps it’s time for you to consider a new outdoor social space where you can have family gatherings and parties. If you do, then why not speak to us and let us design an outside area that is ideal for any social occasion. Let us explain the various patio and decking options that are created to not only be in keeping with your property, but also Shenfield area as a whole. Whether you see you and your family at intimate get-togethers or lavish parties, we’ll endeavor to make your dreams a reality. So why not treat yourself to notion of being able to create wonderful memories outside?

At Tomoco Gardening Services we are here to help you create a new space to be proud of in your Shenfield garden, and as you can now gather, we are definitely more than just a simple landscaping business. Let our team convert your outdoor area into a place of beauty and practicality. Get in touch with us today and let’s start planning how we can turn your garden into the space of your dreams.

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