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Full Service Landscaping Company in Ingatestone

Tomoco Garden Services is a full-service landscaping company that has been serving the Ingatestone area for over 10 years. We would be more than happy to speak with you if you are looking to change the way in which your garden looks. With our extensive landscaping services and professional team, we can transform your garden into a welcoming place where you’ll want to spend a lot more time; in fact, it will almost be like adding an extra room to your house. If you have an idea in your mind, we have the experience to make it a reality, whether it is a beautifully designed garden, an easy to care for carpet of artificial turf, the ideal patio for entertaining, or a relaxing pond to add a touch of tranquilly. In this article, we’ll take a look at the services we are able to provide that will improve your outdoor living experience.

Designing Your Dream Garden

From our experience a well-designed garden is the foundation of a fantastic outdoor space. As part of the design process, we will work with you to understand your tastes, needs, lifestyle, and, ultimately how you picture your garden to look in your mind. We will always strive to design and build gardens that are a wonderful expression of a customer’s style and personality, from building gorgeous flower beds and introducing various shrubs, to including components such as rockeries and water features.

Landscaping Your Garden in Ingatestone

It’s possible that you can improve the curb appeal of your property by incorporating some additional landscaping to your garden. Landscaping is effectively changing the visible features of a garden to improve the way it looks. This can include adding new beds for flowers, shrubs or bushes, creating rockery areas, or even incorporating manmade features such as ponds or patios. Basically, by landscaping a garden we aim to improve the aesthetic appeal of the space for the owner to enjoy. When we undertake any landscaping project, we always try to ensure that every detail is given consideration, from grading and earthworks to careful planning of where the plants will go. Our aim is to always create landscaped gardens that blend in with their environment and ultimately put a smile on the faces of the property owners. With the right attention to detail, it’s possible that your garden will become the talk of the neighbourhood!

Enjoy a Maintenance Free Lawn

Perhaps you are dreaming about the thought of being able to have a lush, low-maintenance lawn all year round. Well, our synthetic turf installation service is the ideal option to make that possible. Say goodbye to the trouble of mowing, watering, and fertilizing the lawn. By putting our high-quality

artificial grass in your garden, you will have a continuously lush and green lawn that will look picture-perfect all year round. Enjoy a magnificent, evergreen lawn that will always impress and that will require no maintenance at all, apart from sweeping up the occasional fallen leaves.

Stylish Patio Spaces for Entertaining

With a custom-designed patio, you are effectively creating an outdoor living area that acts as a transitional space between house and garden and in effect almost becomes an additional room of your house. Whatever you have in mind we can make it a reality. Whether you just want a calm place where you can drink your morning cup of coffee, or a large space to use for entertaining and parties, we try to build patios that complement a customer’s property, while also providing a functional and inviting outdoor space. Patios are low maintenance, hard-wearing, and relatively simple to install. Laying a patio also offers a chance to be creative with design and construction, thanks to the wide variety of available slabs.

Improve Your Outdoor Experience with Decking

Decking is a nice and practical way to update your outside space, and there are lots of options to choose from. These handcrafted spaces are made of long-lasting materials and will give a touch of refinement to any outdoor location. Consider modern composite decking for an ultra-stylish seating area. These decking boards are relatively easy to install with no need to stain or seal, and there are a variety of colours and finishes to choose from. Alternatively, you could opt for traditional timber decking boards for a timeless aesthetic. These can be stained or painted to suit your garden landscape. We aim to offer skill and professionalism to every project, whether you want a clean contemporary deck or a rustic, natural timber design. At the end of the day, you’ll get to enjoy a multifunctional and visually appealing spot to rest, socialise, or simply sunbathe.

Privacy and Style with a New Fence

If you are looking to improve the seclusion of your home, increase security or simply ensure that the little ones and pets stay safe, then consider using our fencing service. Construct a secure perimeter with fencing and fence posts, make your garden more private with trellis and screening or create an attractive new gateway for your front or back garden. Whether you’re replacing just the one broken panel or after a fresh look, we have everything you need from inspiration, help and advice.

Find Calm with a Tranquil Pond

A professionally planned and installed pond will add peace and calm to your surroundings. Our team will do its best to build a stunning water feature that blends in with the surrounding environment. Not only will it benefit wildlife, but it can also evoke serenity, movement, and a relaxing soundtrack to your plot and create a thriving environment for a limitless array of wildlife.

Every animal, from tiny insects to larger mammals, needs a source of water in order to thrive. Including garden pond ideas in your outdoor space can dramatically increase the bio-diversity of your backyard ideas and as a result, will help your garden to flourish.

The Go To Landscaping Company in Ingatestone

Tomoco Garden Services is your go-to landscaping company in the Ingatestone area for all of your outdoor space transformation needs. We have the expertise and professionalism to transform your outdoor space into an amazing spot with our entire variety of services including garden design, landscaping, artificial turf, patios, decking, fences, and ponds. In every job we do we endeavour to offer quality, attention to detail and high levels of service.

Don’t settle for an ordinary outdoor space when you can have us change it into a wonderful environment that reflects your taste and has the potential to increase the value of your property. To discuss your landscaping goals, just give us a call. Allow us to bring your vision to reality by developing a beautiful landscape that will last a lifetime.

With Tomoco Garden Services we feel as though we are the best choice for great landscaping services in the Ingatestone area. Use us and you can unlock the full potential of your property by investing in your outdoor space.

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