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Transform Your Outdoor Space: Landscape Gardening Trends in Hutton

Nestled in the borough of Brentwood, the charming village of Hutton has seen a surge of interest in upgrading outdoor spaces over the past few years. With its green countryside setting and proximity to London, Hutton offers residents the best of both worlds – a peaceful community with quick access to urban conveniences. As more families opt to stay in the village and transform their gardens, several landscape gardening trends have emerged.

Hardscaping: The Bones of Your Garden

Start by establishing hardscaping – the “bones” of your garden. Patios, pathways, decking and fencing provide structure and access. Consider going for durable, high-quality materials like natural stone, brick and oak that develop character over time. Ensure that there is a good flow through all the zones.

Next, move to soft scaping with vibrant plantings. Combine flowers, trees, shrubs and grasses for multi-season appeal. Create drama with bold groupings of one variety, like clusters of slender cypress trees or swaths of magnificent peonies.

Low Maintenance and Sustainability

Sustainability is key, with many homeowners opting for low-maintenance native plants, water conservation measures like rain barrels, and environmentally friendly features like bee hotels and hedgehog homes. Gravel and pebble walkways have grown in popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to concrete or stone. They allow rainwater to permeate the soil, reducing runoff. Wooden garden structures made from locally sourced timber are also popular.

Another noticeable trend is the use of decorative stone. Hutton homeowners are incorporating stone walls, steps, benches and pathways to add texture and a sense of permanence. Popular local stones include sandstone, granite and limestone. Mixing different sizes and colors of stones creates visual interest.

Outdoor Rooms

Creating defined outdoor “rooms” is in vogue, with kitchen gardens, pergola seating areas, and paved spaces for dining and entertaining. Smart lighting extends usage of these spaces into the evenings. Fire pits and chimeneas are must-haves to keep gatherings cozy on cooler nights.

Water Features

Consider water features for visual and auditory impact. Choose from simple fountains, cascading waterfalls or koi ponds. Site them wisely to enjoy from patios or benches.

Finally, add unique ornamentation to reflect your personal style. Sculptures, decorative pots, glass art and antiquities imbue character. Let each piece stand out.

Growth in the village’s population means many new family homes are being built. These contemporary buildings often incorporate clean-lined modern garden elements like composite decking, screens for privacy, and stylish planters and pots for low-maintenance planting.

Choose the Right Professional for Your Garden

As Hutton residents continue personalizing their outdoor environments, the village landscape is being transformed one garden at a time. This focus on creating tranquil, sustainable spaces reflects larger trends being embraced across the UK.

For expert help executing your landscape vision in Hutton, Tomoco Ltd offers full services including design, construction and maintenance. They specialize in patios, decking, fencing, water features, lighting and more.

With mindful design choices and professional support, you can craft an ideal garden sanctuary and outdoor living space in Hutton. Begin envisioning your perfect landscape today!

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